12 November, 2012

Get Up, Jil Sander Makes Monday Morning Better

I love white shirts and this Jil Sander one is possibly my favourite, as well as my best ever vintage find to date. It goes with everything, and the structure of wearing a shirt without doubt makes me feel ready for the day. Just look at how is serene it looks laying in the morning light, waiting to be worn...

Vintage White Shirt Jil Sander | Get Up Get Dressed

Vintage White Shirt Jil Sander | Get Up Get Dressed

This particular shirt I love to wear underneath a grey marl sweater, to give it a slightly casual edge that sometimes you need first thing on a Monday morning when you weren't quite ready to get out of bed yet. I bought my perfect sweater recently on sale in Gap, and I wear it with everything. 

I'd recommend this Boucle knit from Topshop, or this amazing marl tunic from Uniqlo both a supreme choices for some 'I look ready for Monday but don't quite feel it' style. 

So what are you waiting for? Get up, get dressed!

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